An Interview with Mass Foam Systems Limited

Recently we talked to HICS member, Mass Foam Systems Limited, about all things insulation. We found out their biggest achievement to date, what trends they have noticed regarding insulation and their predictions for the year ahead.

Introduce yourself – who is your company and what do you do?

We are Roy Dunn & Brian Massow, Directors of Mass Foam Systems. Mass Foam Systems is one of the UK’s largest installers of Icynene Spray Foam.

You’ve been a HICS member since August 2019, what made you join HICS?

We joined HICS to improve our customers’ confidence when having our market-leading insulation products installed.

So, Icynene spray foam insulation, what got you into it? Why spray foam?

We chose spray foam as we enjoy being able to sell a product that we have faith in that would really benefit UK homeowners by making their homes more energy efficient which in turn helps the environment and global warming.

Tell us an interesting fact why consumers should be considering Icynene spray foam insulation in their homes and/or insulation in general.

Customers can save up to 50% on heating and cooling costs every year. Icynene provides air sealing which prevents heat loss, therefore, saving you money.

What is your greatest company achievement to date?

We have been honoured to be able to assist Chessington Zoo with the insulation of their giraffe enclosure with Icynene Spray Foam. They wanted to insulate to increase warmth and comfort for their giraffes. We used an open-cell foam to insulate as it has no harmful chemicals, so it was safe to apply without harming the animals. We even got to meet the giraffes which was an experience we will never forget!

Have you noticed any trends regarding insulation recently?

UK homeowners are being driven to look at the insulation of their properties and EPC levels with a view to making their homes more energy efficient. Some are wanting an A-rated insulation product which will make their homes’ energy efficient whilst helping the environment and global warming.

What is your 2020 prediction for insulation?

We have seen massive growth in the first quarter of 2020 as open cell spray foam gains more popularity. We are expecting Mass Foam Systems to see one of our busiest years ever with our quality installs and our open-cell breathable products.

And last but not least, if you could invite any 3 people in the world to a dinner party – who would you invite?

  1. Prince Charles of Wales because of his passion for a sustainable future with regards to the environment and our future King of England.
  2. Greta Thunberg as she is our future generation with a passion for the environment and climate change.
  3. Kevin McCloud MBE for his knowledge of quality sustainable property design.

Photo from left to right: Roy Dunn and Brian Massow (Mass Foam).