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Financial Protection

Please ensure you follow this consumer advice from HICS to help the scheme protect your investment in your home improvement project.

  1. Receipts & Copy Contracts

You must ensure that you receive a receipt for any and all payments made to your installation company and a copy of the contract and written guarantee between yourself and your installation company. You must keep copies of these in a safe place as these will be needed should you need help and wish to make a claim a later date. Failure to keep copies of these documents and provide copies when requested by either the scheme or the insurers may invalidate any potential insurance claim/s you may make.

  1. Check You Are Registered With The Scheme

You must check that your contract with the installation company is registered with the scheme and that you receive your documentation from the scheme. If you and your contract are not registered with the scheme, then no financial protection is in place either from the scheme or the insurers. If you have any questions or would like to double check you are registered please contact the scheme on 0333 323 2655 or email info@hicsscheme.org.uk

  1. Deposit & Stage Payment Protection- Cover Details

If your installer has registered you for Deposit Protection Insurance via the scheme, please double check as per above instructions, this means that up to 25% of any deposits and stage payments paid by you (up to 25% of the contract value or a maximum of £50,000, whichever is the lesser) are protected by the Deposit Protection Insurance, subject to the insurer’s terms & conditions.

Please note: Any payments (deposits and stage payments etc.) made by you to the installer exceeding 25% of the contract value prior to final installation and completion of the contract are not covered by the scheme or the insurers in any way, and you must be aware that should you pay above the 25% amount prior to completion you do so at your own risk.

COVID-19 Note: Deposit Protection Insurance – Policies Issued From 1st June 2020

Usually, the policy will cover any deposit or stage payment you pay, in full, to a maximum of 25% of the total contract price (maximum £50,000). However, due to this challenging COVID-19 period, for policies issued from 1st June 2020, the insurer will only provide combined cover (for deposits and stage payments) up to a maximum value of £5,000. This continues to be under constant review.

4. Insurance Backed Guarantees

It must be noted that if your installation company has registered you, via the scheme, for an Insurance Backed Guarantee (to underwrite the guarantee issued to you by your installation company) that the insurance policy covers only what is written in the installation company’s guarantee (subject to the insurer’s terms & conditions).

George Clarke is an accomplished architect, TV presenter and home improvement champion. He first rose to fame in 2008 with his work on Channel 4’s The Restoration Man, after previously appearing on Channel 5, as resident architect for Build a New Life in the Country.

He is also widely know for his work on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year, and more recently Old House New Home.

Outside of television, George is Dad to three children, a successful business man (with his own architectural firm – George Clarke & Partners), avid campaigner and author of several home improvement books.

A passionate advocate for high standards in the home improvement industry, George feels a sense of frustration by the lack of protection and the absence of insight, education and clarity for consumers. Sentiments shared by our founder, Tony Pickup.

How did we meet George?

In September 2018, our sister scheme HIES, attended UK Construction Week at the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) in Birmingham as a part of the ‘Flexible Energy Information Centre’ offering advice to exhibitors on the new wave of flexible energy and information on supporting a sustainable future.

The stand was located right next to the main stage where George was hosting several Q&A’s and when he came over to visit us we spoke about our vision and promise; and the wider impact our company has within the home improvement sector. This led on to shared horror stories of consumers being left disadvantaged, the issues we as an industry are facing, and how together, we can support consumers in successfully navigating a complex home improvement sector.

I am working with HICS to ensure that consumers are respected, protected and educated on their home improvement journey.

George Clarke
HICS Brand Ambassador

I am working with HICS to ensure that consumers are respected, protected and educated on their home improvement journey.

George Clarke
HICS Brand Ambassador

“I am working with HIES
to ensure that consumers
are respected, protected
and educated on their
home improvement

George Clarke
HICS Brand

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