The protection offered by HICS, which includes comprehensive insurance backed guarantees and first class mediation services, ensures consumers are protected before, during and after their installation.

This level of protection helps provide consumers with the trust, confidence and peace of mind that their installation will be fit for purpose and carried out professionally; and they can be safe in the knowledge that should they encounter any problems, HICS’ expert mediation team will be on hand to resolve any disputes.

This covers up to 25% of the contract value (maximum £5,000) for a period of 120 days, upon your installation being registered with us.

To benefit from this protection:

– You must be registered by the member on our online portal;
– You must hold the contract with the Supplier named on the certificate;
– You must be able to provide proof of payment made to the Supplier named on the certificate.

No protection will be in place until we have written to you to confirm we have arranged this, following the registration of your installation on our system, and in accordance with the points above. If you have not received our letter confirming your protection has been arranged within 5 working days of you signing the contract please contact our member or us urgently as you are not covered.

Please note: Any payments (deposits and stage payments etc) made by you to the member exceeding 25% of the contract value (or the maximum limit of £5,000) prior to final installation and completion of the contract are not covered by the scheme or the insurers in any way.

Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBGs)

An IBG provides protection in the event your installer has ceased trading and is unable to honour the terms of their written guarantee.

To benefit from an IBG:

  • Your installation must be fully completed to your satisfaction, free from defect and you must have paid all outstanding monies directly to the Supplier named on the certificate
  • You must have a contract with the Supplier named on the certificate

No cover is in place until you have received your IBG certificate. If you have not received your IBG certificate, please contact the member. You will receive an IBG once the member has notified us of a completion date.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Our expert mediators are always on hand to help resolve any disputes which may arise between a consumer and any one of our members.

HICS is approved by Government under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015

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