The protection offered by HICS, which includes comprehensive insurance backed guarantees and first class mediation services, ensures consumers are protected before, during and after their installation.

This level of protection helps provide consumers with the trust, confidence and peace of mind that their installation will be fit for purpose and carried out professionally; and they can be safe in the knowledge that should they encounter any problems, HICS’ expert mediation team will be on hand to resolve any disputes.

Deposit & Stage Payment Protection

You may be asked to pay a deposit or make a stage payment when you place an order for your home improvement installation. This is normal practice for most companies as it helps to safeguard them against manufacturing products they will probably not be able to use elsewhere should a customer cancel their order.

Usually, the policy will cover any deposit or stage payment you pay, in full, to a maximum of 25% of the total contract price (maximum £50,000). However, due to this challenging COVID-19 period, the insurer will only provide combined cover (for deposits and stage payments) up to a maximum value of £5,000 (as of 1st June 2020). This continues to be under constant review.

Customers should still ensure that they receive a receipt from their installation company and the correct documentation from the insurance provider. These documents should be kept in a safe place. The policy will last for 120 days from the date the deposit was paid.

What happens once you have paid a deposit?

Once you have signed a contract with a HICS member and paid your deposit, the member must register your details online with HICS within 48 hours. We will then send your:

  • Customer Registration Certificate – confirming your details are registered with HICS and the comprehensive protection provided to you.
  • Deposit and Stage Payment Protection Certificate – this protects any deposits or stage payments you may make to the supplier in accordance with the details above.

Please keep the above documentation in a safe place along with any contractual documentation.

Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBGs)

An IBG is an insurance policy that covers the original guarantee provided by an installer.

Every customer using a HICS member will automatically receive an IBG.

Upon completion of a contract an installer will provide you with a guarantee, which can be up to 10 years. During that time much can happen to a business, regardless of whether they are a local or national company. An IBG provides you with additional peace of mind that in the unlikely event the company ceases to trade, for whatever reason, you can still make a claim under the terms of the original guarantee.

When will you receive an IBG?

Once your contract has been completed, the HICS member will inform us of the completion date and within 7 working days we will send your Insurance Backed Guarantee Certificate. This will protect you for the term of your guarantee (up to a maximum of 10 years) and allows you to make a claim on the original guarantee if the member ceases to trade.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

As a Chartered Trading Standards Institute approved ADR Competent Authority, HICS provides unbiased dispute resolution services completely FREE of charge for homeowners.

Please click here for more on our ADR process.

HICS is approved by Government under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015

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